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Beyond the Drama’s

a display of on-trend ceramics and vases. There are five vases in varying natural colours against a grey background.

On-trend props for photoshoots, commercials, and content creators.


Whilst TV dramas and films certainly do keep us busy here at Stockyard North we don’t stop there!

Our props feature heavily in ad campaigns, music videos, fashion events, and social media marketing to name a few. Most recently we have seen some of our vintage books on the Lagavulin Commercial and our retro gym equipment was hired in the new Aldi Print campaign.

In the past year, we have also hired to the Chanel Metiers d’art Show, Amazon commercials and social media content for both Ballet Contour and musician Seb Lowe to name a few!

   Two screen shots from the recent Lagavulin Commerical. Actor Nick Offerman sits in a black leather chair. He is sitting in front of a vintage book library and holding a glass of whiskey.

Photo credits: Seb Lowe Music, Ballet Contours and Lagavulin Whiskey. 

2024 Prop Hire Trends.

We stay on top of industry and style trends to ensure we have a variety of smalls, softs, and furniture to cater to all mediums. This year we continue to work alongside many talented designers and buyers whose prop-picks have highlighted the burgeoning trends in interior design.

In particular, we love Quiet Luxury and Statement Stoneware. Our vast array of ceramics, stoneware, and domestic smalls often add the perfect understated hero piece to a photo shoot. Our haberdashery also contains a wealth of textured fabrics in muted tones. These stylish props cater to the ‘paired-back chic’ aesthetic we are seeing in both interiors and fashion right now.

a display of on-trend ceramics and vases. There are five vases in varying natural colours against a grey background.

Another popular trend we are seeing is the unification of old and new styles. Not only does this trend perfectly encapsulate our belief in breathing life into historic pieces, but it also reflects our sustainability ethos here at Stockyard North. Our prop house is full to the brim with unique vintage pieces, from gilt mirrors to cabinets, door furniture to lighting and beyond, and we can’t get enough of this sustainable trend.

Finally, as the spring turns to summer we are seeing a seasonal resurgence of biophilic design. This trend fosters a stronger connection to nature and reduces the barrier between internal and external spaces by utilising natural materials and uplifting prints.  Some of our favourite examples of this trend include our vintage bamboo units, faux greenery and rattan lamp shades.

Whichever style you are seeking, we truly have props to hire to suit every trend and any medium.

Shopping the trend.

We offer a flexible approach to propping as we fully understand the demands placed on productions.

So if you can’t make it to see us, just contact us online or call us on 0161 872 9206  to discuss your unique brief.

Otherwise come to visit our large prop house, have a cup of tea and discuss your vision with our friendly team who are always on hand to assist. We look forward to working with you.