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a display of on-trend ceramics and vases. There are five vases in varying natural colours against a grey background.

Beyond the Drama’s

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On-trend props for photoshoots, commercials, and content creators.


Whilst TV dramas and films certainly do keep us busy here at Stockyard North we don’t stop there!

Our props feature heavily in ad campaigns, music videos, fashion events, and social media marketing to name a few. Most recently we have seen some of our vintage books on the Lagavulin Commercial and our retro gym equipment was hired in the new Aldi Print campaign.

In the past year, we have also hired to the Chanel Metiers d’art Show, Amazon commercials and social media content for both Ballet Contour and musician Seb Lowe to name a few!

   Two screen shots from the recent Lagavulin Commerical. Actor Nick Offerman sits in a black leather chair. He is sitting in front of a vintage book library and holding a glass of whiskey.

Photo credits: Seb Lowe Music, Ballet Contours and Lagavulin Whiskey. 

2024 Prop Hire Trends.

We stay on top of industry and style trends to ensure we have a variety of smalls, softs, and furniture to cater to all mediums. This year we continue to work alongside many talented designers and buyers whose prop-picks have highlighted the burgeoning trends in interior design.

In particular, we love Quiet Luxury and Statement Stoneware. Our vast array of ceramics, stoneware, and domestic smalls often add the perfect understated hero piece to a photo shoot. Our haberdashery also contains a wealth of textured fabrics in muted tones. These stylish props cater to the ‘paired-back chic’ aesthetic we are seeing in both interiors and fashion right now.

a display of on-trend ceramics and vases. There are five vases in varying natural colours against a grey background.

Another popular trend we are seeing is the unification of old and new styles. Not only does this trend perfectly encapsulate our belief in breathing life into historic pieces, but it also reflects our sustainability ethos here at Stockyard North. Our prop house is full to the brim with unique vintage pieces, from gilt mirrors to cabinets, door furniture to lighting and beyond, and we can’t get enough of this sustainable trend.

Finally, as the spring turns to summer we are seeing a seasonal resurgence of biophilic design. This trend fosters a stronger connection to nature and reduces the barrier between internal and external spaces by utilising natural materials and uplifting prints.  Some of our favourite examples of this trend include our vintage bamboo units, faux greenery and rattan lamp shades.

Whichever style you are seeking, we truly have props to hire to suit every trend and any medium.

Shopping the trend.

We offer a flexible approach to propping as we fully understand the demands placed on productions.

So if you can’t make it to see us, just contact us online or call us on 0161 872 9206  to discuss your unique brief.

Otherwise come to visit our large prop house, have a cup of tea and discuss your vision with our friendly team who are always on hand to assist. We look forward to working with you.

New Prison Props

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Discover an extensive array of prison-themed props in our collection, featuring the latest additions including beds, sinks, and toilets. Enhance your set with an assortment of smaller items like cigarettes, games, photographs, and books, providing authenticity and a personal touch to your scenes.

We know a police drama is hugely popular up North right now, so why not familiarise yourself with what we have to offer in this department!


Feel free to contact us for more information or pop in to have a look around for yourself!



green market cart

Carts, Trolleys and Street Vendors.

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Looking for the perfect carts for your market set?

We have one of the largest collections of vintage carts, trolleys, and street vendors for hire in the North. Our carts are both practical and visually striking, making them the ideal addition to exterior sets.

Carts for every occasion.

As our most sought-after items, the carts have been used in a variety of productions from Peaky Blinders and War of the Worlds to local theatre productions and the RHS Flower Show. They are a versatile and interesting addition to any set. Whilst many of them are antique they are robust props that are consistently used as practical set pieces. If you have a specific use for our carts in mind we also provide a variety of complimentary dressing such as flowers, tools and crates. 

Find out more

Recently we have curated our collection of carts and added new photographs to our online catalogue.  In each item description, we have included the measurements for your convenience.

For all enquiries about the carts or any of our wide variety of street dressing please get in touch with our friendly team today.


green market cart red cart flat top red cart flower cart

A Contemporary abstract painting of three female silhouette's. The painting has a grey background and colourful patches.

New Props in Stock

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Colourful Contributions to our online catalogue.


Over the past couple of weeks, we have been focusing on updating our prop hire catalogue to feature some of our new acquisitions.

Now you will find even more of our vast array of stock online. From brightly coloured rugs to bold artwork, unique lighting options and much, much more. However, as you can imagine it is nearly impossible to include all of our prop hire stock online as it is constantly being added to. Therefore, it’s always worth popping in to see us and ever-expanding inventory!

And if you can’t find what you are looking for? Simply get in touch with our friendly team and we will be more than happy to help.


A canvas painting. Bold blocks of colours including blue, white, yellow and pink layered in a disjointed desk lampA painting on canvas. Large brushstrokes in black and red on a white ivory desk lamp yellowprop bomb shell armyA modern artwork on canvas. a montage of American Icons including Lady liberty, John F Kennedy and the White House. Cover in Abstract colours blue, red, and white.A bold contemporary painting of yellow and orange trees reflected in the river below. The painting is in a chunky gold vintage shaggy rugA Contemporary abstract painting of three female silhouette's. The painting has a grey background and colourful patches.

A photograph of the construction of a community art workshops at Plattfields Market Garden in Manchester. The image shows the community project using sustainable materials recycled from Stockyard North.

Sustainability: Stockyard North X Manchester Urban Diggers.

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Creating a More Sustainable Industry.

Stockyard North has a long history of prioritising sustainability and recycling. We recognise the need for a more sustainable future in the creative and screen industries, as a result, a few years ago created a scenery salvage and recycling department at our site in Trafford Park.

A photograph of the construction of a community art workshops at Plattfields Market Garden in Manchester. The image shows the community project using sustainable materials recycled from Stockyard North.

Thankfully sustainability is now a huge priority for the creative industries. In particular ground-breaking organisations such as Albert which provide sustainability support, training, and certification have led the way in reducing the environmental impact of productions. We continue to be inspired by such organisations to continually look at the ways we can help productions reduce their waste and carbon footprint.

When recycling a set from a production we truly let nothing go to waste. Whether it is props to be sent to local charities, creative supplies finding a new home in schools, or scenery broken down and repurposed in new and imaginative ways; we always find a purpose for salvaged materials.

Recycling materials, building relationships.

We are lucky to have many fantastic beneficiaries of our recycling service, however, there is one particular organisation that has had a huge impact on the local community. Platt Fields Market Garden, is a project by the not-for-profit social enterprise Manchester Urban Diggers.  which not only grows and supplies vegetables to the local community but also hosts events and runs a community café.

A photograph of reclaimed wooden and stained glass window panels being used at sustainable garden project, Plattfields Market Garden A photograph of a recycled water drum used at Plattfields Market Garden

Collaborating with Mike Hodson and the team at MUD CIC has been mutually beneficial. For us, it has meant being able to rehome resources to an organisation that shares our ethos. It has also allowed us to utilise materials that otherwise would have been difficult to rehome. For instance, at Platt Fields Market Garden, recycled staging from a TV production was used to build a winter events space, and assorted materials from a film were repurposed to build a new art hut.

We are incredibly proud to work with Mike and the rest of the team at MUD CIC and support their reluctance to buy new materials when so much can be repurposed. Furthermore, we are inspired by their passion for giving community gardens a new lease of life. Our collaboration illustrates that the positive impact of recycling and sustainability initiatives from the creative industries can be immeasurable.

A photograph of an indoor event at Plattfields Market Garden. The event is taking place in their sustainably sourced polytunnel with fairy lights and people sat at picnic benches Sustainably sourced wood photographed at plattfields market garden

If you think your production or company would either benefit from our recycling services or would like to be a trusted beneficiary of our recycled materials, please contact our friendly team.

We look forward to hearing from you or perhaps even seeing you at the lovely Platt Fields Market Garden Café for a cuppa soon!

14. March 2024. Written by Kate White/ Images by Mike Hodson.

Tiled images displayed a selection of vintage beauty salon furniture and props.

New in: Beauty Salon Props.

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Take a look at our new salon setup.

We are excited to have acquired some beautiful retro beauty salon props. All of the items below are available to hire from our Trafford park-based prop house along with a plethora of furniture, smalls, and textiles to compliment any set or event.

If you have any questions about these or anything else from our vast catalogue please get in touch with our friendly team at

Tiled images displayed a selection of vintage beauty salon furniture and props.

Books for Hire

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From Shakespeare to Law Reports, and everything in between.

Whatever your literary needs we have you covered with our extensive selection of books for hire.

Whether it’s long runs of Law Reports for a police drama, or a curated selection of vintage prose we have got it.

We can hire books out individually, by shelf, or by custom measurements. If it’s colour blocking you need we can also cater for this.


For all price enquiries feel free to call us on 0161 872 9206.



children's coin operated horse ride

New Props in Stock

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The latest additions to our catalogue.

Our vast array of props, set dressing and furniture never stops being curated. We constantly source new items to add to our collection and to increase the availability of props in the North West for productions of any size and budget.

So whether you need a traditional Urn, a laundromat washing machine, or a vintage coin-operated horse called Bess, we always have new props for hire at Stockyard North.

If there is anything you would like to see in stock, do let us know. We are happy to source props if you can’t find what you are after in our collection.

 To enquire about these or any other items please use our contact form or give us a call on 0161 872 9206.


cremation boxcoffin standscremation urncream washing machinewrist watch display casestand on for fire bucketschildren's ridelarge prop bull cowprison door bluetool trolleycouncil street cleaning trolleyblack plinthsdisplay case gunSelection of bonesstainless steel handdryer

Display of vintage office dressing. Includes a Marble bust of the greek god Apollo. Wooden index box units and a cream fringed lampshade.

Welcome (back) to Stockyard North.

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And what a few years it has been!

To say it has been a challenging twelve months for the film and TV industry would be putting it mildly. Therefore, as the industry starts gathering steam once again, we want to use the opportunity to introduce (and re-introduce!) ourselves.

So here it goes….

We are Stockyard North. The largest prop house outside of London, and as a result we have a vast array of props, set dressing, and furniture for hire. We stock everything from mid-century modern furniture to prison cell doors. As well as practical vintage lighting and unique smalls.

Our warehouse is home to a myriad of styles to suit any set, production, photoshoot, or event. No project is too big or too small and we enjoy working alongside you to curate orders to fit all budgets.

So whether you are a student wanting that hero prop for your final year film, or a member of a busy Art Department on the next big police drama – we have got you covered.



How we work

In short – we will work around your needs!

Whilst we encourage people to visit and hand-pick props themselves, we understand that isn’t always possible. As a result, we have a flexible approach and our experienced team can assist with orders via email and phone.

Take a look at our process below, and if there are any questions please contact us.



It’s not just about the props

We may be known for prop hire but we also offer a handful of complimentary services for your production needs.

Our art department supplies store is always full to the brim of SFX sprays, specialist tapes, adhesives and so much more. We also welcome requests – if we don’t have it in stock we will do our best to source it for you.

Stockyard has been offering scenery salvage and recycling for many years and has a dedicated team who are always available to offer advice, quotes, and assistance with logistics. In an industry that is often wasteful, we are proud of our services in this area.

As a trusted set storage supplier, we can offer bespoke storage needs at our Trafford Park warehouse. This area of our business is often highly sought after however, our team will always do our best to accommodate everyone looking for a personal, reliable, and high-quality storage solution for their production.


What are you waiting for?

We are incredibly proud to be a trusted part of the industry in the North West and we pride ourselves on our reliability, professionalism, and passion. As a result, we have an impressive and ever-growing client base and look forward to working on all projects, both big and small.


For all of your prop hire and production needs please contact us on

0161 872 9206 or via email at

handmade vintage doll

NEW ADDITIONS: Unique Handmade Props for Hire.

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Aunt Ena’s Handmade dolls find a new home at Stockyard North.

Written by Kate White.

Two Handmade Dolls dressed as William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth. The dolls are stood side by side in their display cabinet.

We often get enquiries from people asking if we would purchase or accept donations of everything from sofas to entire kitchens. As a result, we are able to  provide a varied collection of furniture and props for hire.

Recently we were contacted by a member of the public asking if we could rehome his late Aunts handmade doll collection, and we couldn’t resist.

A silk Embroidery set from the collection of Miss Ena Lynn. A green silk pouch with the hand embroidered word 'embrodery' and a small collection of multi coloured silk thread.

In the 1970s Miss Ena Lynn , from Shirley UK. made this collection of dolls by hand to entertain her friends children.  The dolls are made in the likeness of famous figures throughout history and include Queen Elizabeth and William Shakespeare, as well as Marie Antoinette and Henry IIIV.

Miss Ena’s nephew became the beneficiary of this unique collection and rightfully deemed them too wonderful not to share. Therefore he contacted us to see if we could offer them a home—and in short, we happily obliged!

Display of handmade dolls and a newspaper clipping about their make Miss Ena Lynn.

This collection is  now be part of our prop hire department  and above all, are destined to adorn some of the unique sets created by the wonderful Art Department here in Manchester.

We love to hear about curios a like these and encourage you to get in touch if you think there is something we just cant miss out on!

If you have any queries regarding this new collection give us a call on 0161 872 9206 .

Even better, come in for a peruse of our vast collection and a cup of tea.