Expanded polystyrene (EPS) consists of 98 % air and 2 % polystyrene (Styropor®). We compact large chunks economically and efficiently into smaller highly compacted blocks. This is a perfect solution for where relatively large quantities of expanded polystyrene occur in set construction.

The massive reduction in volume offers a practical solution in creating dense brickets which are then used as a fuel source. Expanded polystyrene can also be recycled as high-quality PS granulate and re-used in the manufacture of plastic items such as CD covers, clothes hangers, plastic mouldings and insulation.

In general the modular design of our machine means that it can be customised to match customer requirements. The machines can either be fed manually, using a conveyor or via a hopper.

How it works

We first remove any surface paints or coatings by hot wiring them off. Then the operator inserts the EPS pieces in the machine hopper. An efficient coarse shredder with twin-tooth rotating shafts reduces the pieces to 20-50 mm size, which are fed into the press channel and compressed together. The blocks exit separately to be loaded individually onto pallets.